Olive Neil Noseworthy
Spiritual Consultant & Author
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Blessed with extraordinary spiritual gifts, Olive devotes the remainder of her life here on Earth helping others know the truth, for she has been told that the time has come for the veil of secrecy to be lifted!

She therefore became an author and wrote her first book, Secrets of My Soul, which is based on true stories of a spiritual journey, which made her know the truth about life, death and the Other Side. She is currently writing her second book, On The Wings of The Blue Butterfly, which is also based on true spiritual experiences. Olive has also embarked on writing her third book, Spiritual Messages From Heaven, and her fourth book,The Blue Butterfly Diet, and her fifth book, The Blue Butterfly Cookbook, after being diagnosed with Hashimotto's Disease and then Cancer, and needing surgery and treatment; she concluded that there is a hidden pandemic throughout the world with the different diseases, yet, she claims that she is living proof that it all can be prevented and beaten!

As a Spiritual Consultant, she challenges you to explore, search, and seek the truth of all that is.


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